Approval Process In Salesforce

Approval Process in Salesforce

What is Approval Process in Salesforce?

An approval process automates how Salesforce records are approved in your org. An approval process is a combination of steps for a record to be approved/rejected either by a user, queue or public groups.

For example, when an employee creates a time-off request, have Salesforce automatically sends an approval request to the employee’s manager.

Approval Process Example

An Approval Process consists of the following sections to be configured:

  • Process Definition Detail – Approval Process Header level details like name, email template etc.
  • Initial Submission Actions – It will be executed when the user clicks on ‘Submit for Approval’ on the object record.
  • Approval Steps – Details of Steps criteria and the approvers
  • Final Approval Actions – It will be executed after all the approval process steps have been approved.
  • Final Rejection Actions – It will be executed if one of the approval process steps have been rejected.
  • Recall Actions – It will be executed if one of the approval process steps have been recalled.


Build Approval Process

Let’s build an approval process where the sales manager approves opportunities where the total opportunity amount exceeds 500K. The opportunity should reflect its approval status: Approved or Not Approved.


Make sure you preplan before you start configuring the Approval process in salesforce because this will help you design the approval process in the most optimized ways. Preplanning includes of:

  • creation of required fields
  • Identify the object for the Approval process
  • Email Template
  • Final Approval Actions like unlock record or change the status of the record

In this example, we would need below:

In Order to… We Need…
Track each opportunity’s approval status Custom field (Opportunity)
Request approval from managers when an opportunity total Amount is more than 500K Approval process (Opportunity)
Notify managers when an opportunity amount needs approval Email template
When managers respond, update the opportunity’s approval status Approval actions (Field Update)

Create Approval Process

  1. Login to Salesforce however you can ignore this step if already logged in.
  2. Navigate to Setup and search for ‘Approval process’ in Quick find or navigate to ‘Create’->Workflow & Approvals -> Approval Process
  3. For Manage Approval Processes For, select Opportunity Approval Process Jump Start Wizard
  4. Click Create New Approval Process | Use Jump Start Wizard.
    The Jump Start Wizard helps you create a simple approval process by making some decisions for you.
  5. Configure the approval process.Approval Process Detail
    Field Value
    Name Approve Opportunity Amount
    Approval Assignment Email Template Approve Opportunity Amount
    Specify Entry Criteria Opportunity: Opportunity Amount greater than 500K
    Select Approver Let the submitter choose the approver manually
  6.  Save the approval process.
  7. Click View Approval Process Detail Page.
  8. Under Final Approval Actions, click Add New | Field Update, and configure it with these values.Field update
    Field Value
    Name Approved
    Field to Update Approval  Status
    A Specific value Approved
  9. Click Save.
  10. Under Final Rejection Actions, click Add New | Field Update, and configure it with these values.
    Field Value
    Name Not Approved
    Field to Update Approval  Status
    A Specific value Not Approved
  11. Click Save.

Great job!  Your Approval Process has been successfully configured.

Approval Actions

We used only ‘Field Update’ in our above example. I would like to explain more regarding Approval Actions like Final Approval Actions, Final Rejection Actions which consists of :

  • Task – If a task is selected then the user can insert a task for a record so for our example on Opportunity once the approval process has been approved/rejected.
  • Email Alert – If an Email Alert is selected then the user will be notified via email once the approval process has been approved/rejected.
  • Field Update – You have already seen an example in the above but again, the system will update the field to the mentioned value once the approval process has been approved/rejected.
  • Outbound Message – This will help notify 3rd Party systems. Think for a scenario where you want to notify the backend system or provisioning system on the approval results so for example once orders are approved start generating the bills then this will help you to achieve the requirement.

Approval Process Actions salesforce

For more details on the approval Process, please refer to trailhead salesforce.

Happy Learning 🙂

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