5 Reasons to Take up Marketing Cloud Certification

5 Reasons to Take up Marketing Cloud Certification

Salesforce created history in the field of technology. The success of salesforce products and solutions have been so high that thousands of companies and millions of customers are signing contracts and getting associated with salesforce every day. Getting a marketing cloud certification from salesforce will give you the privilege lead organization to greatness. Newbies will seek your guide in knowing things about cloud development and organization will rely on you to make strategic decisions.

What is salesforce?

Salesforce is an American based company that has revolutionized the world with its unique CRM software. The user interface of Salesforce CRM is clean, and customer problems are treated within a response time of minutes. This is the reason most of the fortune companies use salesforce CRM rather than other CRM, which is available in the market. Now to use the salesforce CRM, an individual would be needed that would have a salesforce certification. This is the reason why salesforce can create millions of jobs worldwide.
Companies are ready to work with people who have salesforce certification since that would mean individual have great technical skills to handle CRM software. Salesforce has three sections, which are regarded as administrators, Salesforce consultants, and developers. Salesforce administrators will have a very different job rather a salesforce administrator. Similarly, a developer will have very different job role than the consultant and the administrator. In order get a marketing cloud developer certification from salesforce you need to have sit for salesforce certification exam.

Salesforce certification exam

Salesforce certification exam is a test to know your love for cloud development. The exam will evaluate your skills as a developer. So, this means before appearing for the test you need to have clear understanding of certain things. Things like data integration, data mining, data extensions should be understood in detail so that you can take up the test with ease. Also, the test will check your skills on data modeling, security and programming languages.

The need for marketing cloud certification

Recent studies have shown that salesforce will create millions of jobs by 2021. So not learning about the salesforce will be a no brainer. A marketing cloud developer of salesforce has huge demand since fortune companies are looking for talented salesforce developer. This article is going you state top 5 reasons why you should get marketing cloud developer certification.

1. Will make you a security expert

No company wants their data breached or wants a cybercriminal that asks for ransom performing a malware attack. When you become a marketing cloud developer then you will know about encryption functions to safeguard company’s data. In addition, you will also know the use of access control systems to cause restrictions on people using the company’s information, and have the knowledge to regularly do a cloud backup in case of natural and human-made disaster.

2. chances of getting jobs are higher

Salesforce certification makes a very good impression in Infront of the recruiters. Studies have shown that 80 % of the companies are looking for individuals that have salesforce certification. When the recruiters will a see a marketing cloud developer certification, then that the employer will already know that you don’t need inhouse training to do the job since you have enough talent skills to start the career from day one. Companies will appreciate that you have invested in something that helps in securing computer networks which are at constant threat every day.

3. Will always keep you in the loop

Digital marketing and knowledge of protecting a computer network would be the future of the world. Most of the companies need the organic reach to grow so that they can increase their sales and visibly of the company. To do this they need marketing cloud developers who have immense knowledge digital marketing. The marketing cloud developer should know to drive in more sales in a company. When you will salesforce certified, then such a certification will play a vital role in making your company grow.

4. Will make you a master when others have just started

A marketing cloud developer from salesforce means that the individual has the best possible abilities and talents when it comes to customer relations management. As a Salesforce developer, you will in the position handle complicated tasks with ease. Your career will grow at an alarming rate as salesforce certification will act as a skyrocket.

5. will help you in becoming a subject matter expert

Every organization has different requirements. For instance, a cloud development of an e-commerce company will be different from an IT company that deals with producing software. With you have salesforce certification then you will automatically be a subject matter expert. Organizations will come to you and ask for your suggestions. Once you become a marketing cloud developer then that means you will be able to operate marketing cloud products.

Is salesforce being the only option

No salesforce is not the only option. There is other CRM software that is present in the market. For instance, there is sugar CRM, there is Zoho CRM, and there is oracle CRM. All these CRM certifications will be good, but salesforce certifications have an aura of their own. Companies trust a salesforce professional rather than a professional of any other certification. Since salesforce has haven in the industry for quite some time, it is having huge reputation for itself. Once you become a marketing cloud developer by receiving certification from salesforce you will able to design mobile and social applications with lightning-fast tools. So, salesforce is not the only option, but it indefinitely the best option

Final thoughts

Going through this article, you will realize why salesforce has been successful in creating millions of jobs worldwide. Having a marketing cloud developer from salesforce can skyrocket your career. Your developer skilled will be enhanced, and you will have the chance to stand out from the crowd. So, calm your mind and prepare to take a Salesforce certification exam that will test your skill in cloud development. Once you pass the test, you would upscale your salary package and live the rest of the life having a job security.

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