Eclipse shortcuts for salesforce IDE

Eclipse shortcuts for salesforce IDE

Hi Friends,

As we all know, there is one great saying ‘There are no shortcuts for success’. But here are some shortcuts that can really help you getting success. Yes, I am talking about IDE shortcuts. Each and every developer should use these shortcuts as these save our significant amount of time that we usually waste and don’t realize.

Here are some of them:

  1. Use CTRL+SHIFT+R, to open the file from package explorer quickly. Would be better if you use ‘*’ in your search strings.
  2. Use CTRL+H to search the files.
  3. Use CTRL+L to navigate to the desired line number. This is extremely useful when your code contains thousands of number of lines.
  4. Use CTRL+D to delete the entire line.
  5. Use F12 to quickly activate the editor.
  6. Use CTRL+K to find the next occurrence of the selected text. You can select a text or any word and press CTRL+K to find the next occurrence of the same text in that file.
  7. Use CTRL+F6 to switch to the next editor.
  8. Open the file -> Right Click -> Compare With -> Local History -> Select the Revision Time -> it will open a comparison window.
  9. Use CTRL+SPACE, for the code context assistance. This is the most common and I think most of eclipse users are aware of this shortcut.
  10. Use CTRL+W to close the current window/editor.
  11. Use ALT+F7 to open the sub tab in the editor like Metadata and Source.
  12. Use ALT+/ to show the correct variable name (type some letters and use this key).
  13. Use CTRL+SHIFT+L to get the context menu help for all the available keyword shortcuts.

We should make our habit of using these shortcuts. These are very helpful and time saving. It will take only a few days to make it a habit and it can benefit you across your career.

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