Learn salesforce marketing cloud

Learn salesforce marketing cloud

Learn salesforce marketing cloud

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a provider of digital marketing automation and analytics software and services.

Best way to learn salesforce marketing cloud

Most of the people have been a fan of using salesforce marketing cloud since customer mapping journey can be tracked and the companies can use this salesforce marketing cloud data to send personalized campaigns and messages to right people. The salesforce marketing cloud has number of features that increases the productivity of the organization at an alarming rate, and these are analytics builder, journey builder and contact management tool.

Why salesforce marketing cloud

People have shown keen interest to learn salesforce marketing cloud since it offers tons of benefits to the organization.  Using the knowledge of salesforce marketing cloud a marketing cloud consultant can perform a set of following activities in their future workplace which can be discussed as follows:

  • As a marketing cloud consultant, the professional would know the importance of Einstein artificial intelligence and company’s data to make good customer interaction.
  • As a marketing cloud consultant, the professional will know how to create real time management which the customer is the dire need.
  • The professional will know how to get consolidated views from the customer by analyzing known and unknown profiles.
  • Will able to perform detailed marketing reports and optimization, so that customer loyalty can be increased.

Learn how marketing cloud increases the productivity of the company

Well, the knowledge of salesforce marketing could help in delivering impeccable customer service with the help of certain steps. Thus, if you are moving in the direction to learn salesforce marketing cloud then that means you are moving the direction of immense job satisfaction and good pay. Some of the top-notch marketing cloud features that are used to deliver enhanced customer service can be discussed below

1.Helps in making a connection

The connection can be only be made when the data is analyzed properly. So, you can use the knowledge of marketing cloud to connect with each customer. This would mean creating a detailed journey map for each of the customers. When customers will see that you are making an effort to build an on-term relationship with the customer. Then they will automatically notice your company and turn into potential investors.

2.Helps with the Updates

The use of marketing cloud you can make you inform the customers that new updates are available in their platform.  This means before rolling out the updates to the entire salesforce platform, the new updates will reach you first, and after alpha and beta testing of the software you can in incorporate in the salesforce platform.

3. Extension of the application

You can use marketing cloud tools to tailor customer needs. For instance, a customer needs an application that will only deal with the payment getaways, and you can use the knowledge of the marketing cloud to create a payment application according to the needs of the customer.  The feasibility of the marketing cloud can be used to provide a hike in sales of the company.

4. Enhanced security

In marketing cloud, the professionals take care of all the bug fixes that can appear in the Platrom.  So, if you need a clean application that is clean of any bug, then contacting a marketing cloud professional can be good option. The professional will ensure that your application gets constant updates and not subjected to any malware attack.

Why is marketing cloud preferred  than others?

well, marketing cloud has three distinctives features that separate it from the rest.  Those three distinctive advantages will be discussed below:

  • The marketing cloud is a platform that helps in personalizing each and every customer journey.
  • The customer mapping journey can be spread across various channel, devices and customer lifecycle.
  • The platform can be used with other salesforce application, so that means greater insights into the customer’s data can be found out.

Companies that use this platform

Well, the list will include some famous names that have managed to make their company a million-dollar deal since it has used the marketing cloud features to its full potential.  With the use of this platform they have gotten more information about their clients, managed to spread the customer’s information across several devices and customer life cycles and carefully note the conversation with each customer with their company to see the flaws that may have come up.   The names of the company are T mobile, amazon web services, Toyota, US bank and Spotify.

Products that are available in the marketing cloud

Products available How the product is used
Audience studioThe product is used to capture customer information from any open source and then use the data to create an audience based on the customer interaction.
Data studioHere the developers connect with the third-party data providers to get customers insights. The process in done in transparent and in a confidential manner.
Datagram The product joins data from different sources and creates detailed reporting to track the return on investment of the company.
Google analyticsThis product provides insights into the customer experience with a particular product.
Interaction studio This product helps the salesforce professional to connect with the customers in real time.
Email studio The product gets email updates to each and every customer that is working with the company. This is done to avoid personal interaction with each and every customer.
Mobile studio and advertising studio The product helps in sending SMS updates and push messages to the customers.  The advertising studio takes in charge of sending the customers all the social media updates from the company.
Social studioThis product helps in creating customer advocates so that you can reply to the customer feedback


 Final thoughts

From the above information, it should be clear why you should be pursuing a marketing cloud certification. Once you sit for the marketing cloud exam you will be tested on the basis of technical knowledge of the cloud development. So, make sure you make yourself thorough before you appear for the test.  Marketing cloud has been used by all successful companies of today which are the future of tomorrow, so moving in the direction to learn salesforce marketing cloud won’t be a no brainer.

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