Salesforce Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer Exam

Salesforce Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer Exam Tips

How to pass Salesforce Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer Exam

My Experience

This is one of easier exam from all architect exam. This is optional from Architect journey. I did not had any previous experience in building mobile app. But I had experience in using and customizing Salesforce 1 mobile app(Now its Salesforce App). I had never used Mobile SDK. So i decided to go through trailhead modules which were very helpful in understanding concept. I strongly recommend Develop with Mobile SDK trail if you do not have previous experience in using Mobile SDK. This trail will cover 50% of exam.

Credential Overview

The Salesforce Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer credential is designed for those who assess the architecture environment and requirements and design and implement sound and scalable mobile solutions on the platform that meet those requirements. Candidates should have experience communicating solutions and design trade-offs to businesses and IT stakeholders.

Here are some examples of the concepts you should understand to pass the exam:

  • Describing the differences between Salesforce1, Native, HTML5 and Hybrid mobile architectures
  • Defining how a customer can choose between Salesforce1 solution and a Customer Mobile Solution
  • Understanding the Salesforce1 app and its configuration/customization options
  • Describing how mobile solution capabilities can be enhanced via connected devices (e.g., Wearables, iBeacons)

Official Study Materials

Official Exam page
Official Exam Guide contains full exam outline
free self-directed resource guides which contains all important links

Important Topics

Native, HTML5, or Hybrid: Understanding Your Mobile Application Development Options
Multi-Device Strategy
Develop with Mobile SDK Trail
Visualforce Mobile
Developing Offline Apps with Salesforce Mobile Services
Building Beautiful Apps With the Salesforce Mobile SDK
Mobile SDK Development Guide
Customize Your My Domain Login Page with Your Brand
MAR 20, 2014 BY STUART LEUNG 5 Ways the Internet of Things Will Make Marketing Smarter
Salesforce Wear Developer Pack
Salesforce Mobile App Security Guide
Salesforce Mobile Push Notifications Implementation Guide
Work Offline with the Salesforce App
Using SmartStore to Securely Store Offline Data

Good Luck for exam 🙂

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