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Top Chrome Extensions for Salesforce

Salesforce Chrome Extensions are made for salesforce developers and end-users to ease their daily life in the Salesforce world. I am a big fan of Salesforce Chrome Extensions being an end-user as well as developers. It has helped me work better and faster.

Here is list of top Salesforce Chrome Extension

  • Salesforce Inspector
  • Salesforce Navigator
  • Salesforce Inspector for Lightning
  • Record and Metadata Comparator
  • Salesforce Advanced Code Search
  • Salesforce Enhanced Code Searcher
  • Salesforce Admin Check All
  • Enhanced Formula Editor
  • SOQL Extractor and Analyzer for SalesForce
  • Salesforce Logins by Synebo
  • Custom Settings Exporter for Salesforce
  • Profile Comparator for Salesforce
  • Lightning Extension


Salesforce Chrome Extension


Here is list of top Salesforce Chrome Extension in detail

Salesforce Inspector

Offered by: Søren Krabbe

As part of the salesforce admin family for many years, I feel the need of such chrome extensions. It really helps to see all the data without adding fields to the layout, make a quick export/import of data from excel/CSV or via query and much more functionality. Explore the Chrome extensions to know more about it.

Salesforce Navigator

Offered by:  Daniel Nakov

Navigating in and around Salesforce is not too easy. This extension helps you get to any salesforce page quickly. Just type in what you need to do.

Salesforce Inspector for Lightning

Offered by:  Salesforce

The Salesforce Lightning Inspector opens up and improves your Lightning Component development, giving you access to a wealth of data about your running applications and components.

Record and Metadata Comparator 

Offered by:  Rajiv Bhatt

Compare Record data values and object metadata in Salesforce
Compare Object Metadata and it’s record values in Salesforce (now supports Lightning!) and see all differences in just four clicks!

Salesforce Advanced Code Search

Offered by: Sameernmiraj

By using the advanced quick find you can get your code a few clicks shorter. Also, you can search any string of your code. Using this extension you can search your code components your salesforce instance Apex Classes, Apex Triggers , Visualforce Pages , Visualforce Components, Lighting Component.   It works on Salesforce Lightning.

Salesforce Enhanced Code Searcher

Offered by: Shubham Bhatt

It is similar to the Salesforce Advanced Code Search but Enhanced it for custom settings’ field search and tooltip in the searched results
By using the advanced quick find you can get your code a few clicks shorter. Also, you can search any string your code

Salesforce Admin Check All

Offered by:  Dan Pazehoski

I can understand how tiring it becomes to manually check each box when you would like to give edit permissions for all fields in an object. This extension makes the profile setup faster.Salesforce Admin Check All is an extension that enhances the Salesforce Setup pages by adding “check all” checkboxes to various checkbox lists. This enhanced functionality helps make some setup tasks more efficient by potentially saving administrators from having to manually check each checkbox in a list individually. Enhanced Formula Editor

Offered by:  Kyle Peterson

Enhances the formula editor textareas to have syntax highlighting, tabbing, parenthesis matching, and find and replace.
Use this extension to save time and headaches working with formulas. It helps you more quickly understand the structure of a formula, review the fields used by it, and edit the formula.

When you visit a formula edit page it will automatically enhance the formula textarea with a code editor. This includes formula fields, validation rule formulas, workflow rule formulas, and field update formulas.

SOQL Extractor and Analyzer for SalesForce

Offered by: Rajiv Bhatt

Extract SOQL queries with their execution counts from Debug Logs of Salesforce. Helps you analyze the ‘Too Many SOQLs’ error.

For ex: If you have got queries that hit the Account object 5 times, you might want to have a relook at the code and optimize the code in a way that you get all the data from the Account object in single SOQL query (instead of querying it 5 times).

Salesforce Logins by Synebo

Offered by: Synebo

Best in class solution to manage your Salesforce credentials. Thanks to this extension’s security token support, you can escape those pesky verification codes and quickly sign on with one-click login. You can also import and export credentials by copying login information to a clipboard or generating a session login link. Stored data is synced to Chrome automatically, and passwords/tokens are protected by encryption, making this a secure option for managing multiple accounts.

Custom Settings Exporter for Salesforce

Offered by:  Rajiv Bhatt

Export all Custom Settings from Salesforce To Excel in three clicks
Export all Salesforce Custom Settings to Excel in 3 clicks!

Use this extension to export all the custom settings from your org to an excel.

Profile Comparator for Salesforce

Offered by: by Rajiv Bhatt

Compare Salesforce user-profiles and see all differences in just four clicks!
This extension can compare any two salesforce profiles (could be from the same org or different orgs) and highlights all the differences.

Lightning Extension

Offered by: by Salesforce

Enhance productivity with new add-on features
Lightning Extension is a library of features created by the Lightning Product Management team at Salesforce. This extension is designed to complement the user experience with continuous productivity feature releases. These features provide end-users with rich enhancements that aren’t available out-of-the-box with Lightning, like Dark Mode.

I personally want to thank all Salesforce Chrome Extensions Developer who have made our day to day salesforce life easier.

Did you find this useful? Please let us know if you come around useful chrome extensions and I am happy to add them to the list. I hope this will help you to work better and faster 🙂


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