Salesforce Managed Services: Why Your Company Needs Them

Salesforce is a fairly vast platform with a number of tools and features. It has been helping organizations handle their customer database for more than two decades. However, it is important for companies across the board to use the CRM platform in an optimum way.

Simply getting the platform implemented within your organization will not allow you to make the most of the platform. You need to ensure its smooth functionality, make regular upgrades, carry out integrations, and keep an eye on errors to use Salesforce in a proactive way.

This is where Salesforce managed services come in.

These are the proactive Salesforce Support services that help an organization implement and operate the CRM platform in the best way possible. Right from development and deployment to consultation, these services take every little aspect of the platform into consideration.

Some of the major activities in Salesforce Managed Services include:

  • Implementation – Managed service providers help organizations deploy the CRM platform and specific Salesforce Clouds according to their needs and preferences.
  • Consulting – These Salesforce Consulting services include providing comprehensive assistance to Salesforce users and building a powerful implementation/operational strategy.
  • Customizations – These services include customization of Salesforce tools like dashboards, reports, campaigns, etc.
  • Integrations – These services include combining the data and functionality of Salesforce with a third-party platform or service to leverage its overall usage.
  • <li style="font-weight: 400″>Data management – These services overlook the import, management, and export of valuable data collected by Salesforce users with the help of powerful ETL tools.

  • Salesforce Training – These services revolve around providing technical and managerial training to Salesforce users, helping them use the CRM platform better.
  • Salesforce Support – The support services include providing personalized support to the users such as fixing bugs, auditing, regular system checks, and many more.

Why Do You Need Salesforce Managed Services?

Here are some of the key reasons why your organization needs Salesforce managed Services:

Cutting Down Your Costs

If you hire an in-house Salesforce specialist to provide you with Salesforce-relates services, it will always be an expensive decision as Salesforce specialists are in high demand and the platform is pretty vast to handle. Hiring a specialist on a salaried basis will drain you off your funds even when your Salesforce org does not require any assistance.

Instead, opting for Salesforce managed services will allow you to pay as and when you avail of the services. This provides a high level of flexibility that allows you to pay only for the services you receive, helping you save money.

Access To Specialized Expertise 

On hiring a Salesforce specialist, you may find them get engaged in other priorities of the organization as they are ties to the company. On the other hand, Salesforce managed services give you access to specialized expertise as and when you need them, without having any other affiliations with your organization. All you need to do is mention your requirements and you will have an expert(s) who is well-versed in the concerned area to help you out.

Letting You Focus On The Core Business Areas

If you try and let your in-house IT team focus on the implementation and ongoing maintenance of your Salesforce org, it would take their time and attention away from the core business areas.

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Instead, availing of Salesforce support services allows you to let the experts do their job while you and your team can focus on the more pressing issues of your organization that require more time and attention.

Resorting to Salesforce managed services as opposed to hiring full-time Salesforce experts is the best alternative for businesses of all scales to optimize their use of the CRM platform.

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