Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Notes

Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Notes

All you need to know about Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Notes

Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Notes: I hope everyone is safe and taking all the care to cross the hurdle of Covid-19. I am sure you have started enjoying the quarantine time with family and friends trying to have fun as well as learning new stuff. To enhance your learning mode, Here comes the summary of some cool and important features for admins and developers in Salesforce Summer ’20 Release.

Salesforce Summer 20 Release Notes

Split List View

Work Through Lists with Ease Using Split View for Standard Navigation.

Do you often find yourself working through multiple records in a list? With split view, you can see a list view and a record side by side. To move on to a new record, select it from the split view, and the new record opens with the list still in view. No more navigating back and forth between your list and your records. Split view is great for going through records in sequence or for quickly skimming through a set of records. The split view panel is collapsible for extra flexibility.

How: To access split view, select Split View from the Display As dropdown menu. If you select split view for an object, that object automatically loads in split view until you change its Display As view.

Salesforce Summer 20 split view table

split view opened record

Dynamic Forms

Break Up Your Record Details with Dynamic Forms (Non-GA Preview)

Dynamic Forms is the next step in the evolution of Lightning record pages. It adds the ability to configure record detail fields and sections inside the Lightning App Builder.

With Dynamic Forms, you can migrate the fields and sections from your page layout as individual components into the Lightning App Builder. Then, you can configure them just like the rest of the components on the page, and give users only the fields and sections that they need.

dynamic form add fields

In-App Guidance Builder

It’s easier and more intuitive to create prompts and walkthroughs. To make way for walkthroughs, the user interface for authoring in-app guidance is now similar to other builder tools in Salesforce.

From Setup in Lightning Experience, enter In-App Guidance in the Quick Find box, and then select In-App Guidance. Click Add to open the In-App Guidance Builder in a new tab.

In-App Guidance Builder Salesforce Summer 20

View Records Using Full View (Generally Available)

Now you have two record page view default options. Choose between the current view—now called Grouped view—and the new Full view. Full view displays all details and related lists on the same page(Similar to classic). If you’re transitioning to Lightning Experience, this view is similar to Salesforce Classic. This feature, which is generally available, includes the same functionality as the beta release and is available to qualifying Salesforce orgs.

View Records Using Full View Salesforce Summer 20

Set Up Alerts for Big Deals in Lightning Experience

You can now use Lightning Experience to set up automatic email notifications for opportunities that reach a threshold of amount and probability. Previously, setting up Big Deal Alerts required you to switch to Salesforce Classic.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions.

How: In Setup, use the Quick Find box to find Big Deal Alerts. In the Sender Email field, enter your own Salesforce email address or a verified org-wide email. You must have the View All Data permission to set up alerts.

Einstein Search

Einstein Search: Clearer Setup Process, Natural Language Search Examples, and Better Recommended Results on the Salesforce Mobile App (Beta).

You can turn on Einstein Search at no additional cost and benefit from all it has to offer. Complete all the steps outlined by a clearer setup process. Learn how to use natural language search by following examples. See improved recommended results on the mobile app.

Einstein Search is personal, natural, and actionable. To give your users the full Einstein Search experience, enable all Einstein Search features. Begin in Setup, where the option is now labeled Enable Einstein Search. This page lists the steps to turn on personalization, natural language search, and enhanced instant results.

Natural language search lets users enter common words and phrases in the search box to find the records that they want. Natural language search is supported for accounts, cases, contacts, leads, and opportunities.

Einstein Vision: Detect Text in Images with Einstein OCR

Get optical character recognition (OCR) models that detect alphanumeric text in an image with Einstein OCR. You access the models from a single REST API endpoint.

New and Changed Lightning Web Components

The following components have changed.

  • lightning-badge
  • lightning-breadcrumb
  • lightning-datatable
  • lightning-input
  • lightning-input-field
  • lightning-tabset
  • lightning-tree-grid

Please refer to the Component Library for more details

For all the features for Summer 20 Release Notes, please refer to the Salesforce website.

Salesforce Summer 20 Release Date

Here’s the new Summer ’20 release schedule:

  • Sandbox preview: May 29-30, 2020
  • Summer ’20 Production release
    • First Release window: June 12
    • Second Release window: July 10
    • Third Release window: July 17-18, 2020


On March 16, 2020, our CEO Marc Benioff shared an update regarding our response to COVID-19 and reiterated our commitment to continue to deliver the highest levels of performance, availability, and security. That commitment includes making any necessary adjustments to create stability and consistency for our customers.

Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Date Schedule Calendar

The Sandbox Preview window for Summer ‘20 begins on May 29, 2020. Get early access and take advantage of exciting new features, functionality, and customizations

Summer 20 release calendar

For more details on the release calendar, please visit salesforce website.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Stay Healthy. Let’s fight the pandemic together.

Covid 19 Stay safe

Happy Learning 🙂

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