11 Tips for boosting SEO with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud SEO or SFCC is an e-commerce platform that streamlines the analytics and reporting of large and medium scale businesses.

The main aim of SFCC is to generate new clicks for online businesses by ranking them on the top of search engines. Thus, with SFCC, you can grow the ranking of your business and get noticed by customers online.

On average, 40% of people who buy things online begin their buyer journey searching search engines.

SFCC helps you build a search strategy by maximizing your ranking on search engines, thus boosting your organic ranking and boosting your sales.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud SEO gives businesses these advantages:

1) Grows your online traffic by ranking your business at the top of search engines

2) Boost the ROI of your business by acquiring costumes organically

3) Improve the conversion of your sales activities by targeting customers on search engines.

4) Assist you in creating URLs that are SEO friendly and define your product and attributes

5) Increase your brand presence by improving your page ranking

This article will look at Salesforce Commerce Cloud SEO and give you tips on how you can rank your website and get various advantages by using this cloud-based software.

Build an optimal SEO strategy

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can develop a high-performance SEO services strategy that increases your organic traffic, Boost sales and CTR and increase your GMV. In addition, Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps you build your online storefront for shoppers and search engines to navigate. With SFCC, you can build a rich site architecture that loads quickly and helps you rank your page.

Set clean, user-friendly UrLs  

Salesforce commerce cloud allows you to set URLs that are unique and are easy to remember by customers. With this software, you can set URLS with different variables according to your online positioning and product. In addition, URLs by SFCC are clean and effortless to remember. The software will also inform you if you have duplicate urls and automatically redirect to its preferred structure.

Create Custom Metadata

Every page on the internet has custom Metadata that helps it get ranked on search engines. With SfCC, you can create custom URL data that is recognized by search engine crawlers. Furthermore, SfCC makes it easier to generate custom Urls that inherit the parent’s page custom data. In addition, SfCC ensures that all your titles and descriptions are easy to edit.

Create engaging content 

The more content you have on your webpage, the more likely it is that your page will be noticed by crawlers and be differentiated from the competition. You can use user-generated content to get more attention from search engine crawlers. User-generated content such as reviews and comments are a great way to create content on your website that converts users into customers.

Compress files 

SEO Expert know that your website’s speed and usability are other factors that affect your SEO ranking. To get the best results, it is recommended to compress your CSS, HTML and Javascript files. By compressing your files, you can ensure better speeds for your website that is preferred by website crawlers. Once you minimize the files on your website, use PageSpeed Insights to see the results.

Create Internal Links        

Internal links help Google bots and crawlers find your deeply hidden pages with ease. You can access the internal links of your website through the boiler page section of a page, i.e., headers and footers of content, image links etc. Avoid anchor text that is too spammy, like ‘Click here and only use anchor text where it is extremely necessary.

You can link your product pages to brand pages by using long-form descriptions. Again, third-party integration with Bloomreach will give you the best results.

Leverage SEO features 

SFCC offers a number of SEO services that allow you to create customizable 404 pages, analyze broken URL links, configure ALT tabs, optimize digital imaging servicing and more. In addition, SFCC helps you build an optimal SEO strategy that increases your ranking on search engines.

Leverage canonical tagging 

Canonical tagging tells websites that a specific URL represents the master copy of the page. Canonical tagging solves the issue of multiple or duplicate contents showing on different URLs. SFCC lets you build custom storefront URLs that define product attributes and descriptions.

Segment your XML sitemaps 

Using SfCC, you can split up your XML sitemaps into a product, brand, or content (which iis landing pages, descriptions, guides and more).

Splitting up your XML file, Google an idea of how you want your content crawled. It simplifies the job for crawlers as it tells them how you want your content crawled. For example, you may want the product page of your website crawled more often than your about page. By segmenting your XML sitemap, you give more attention to these pages rather than pages of lesser value to your business.

Prioritize your crawl budget 

Many large businesses have websites that are too many pages to crawl. For example, an SfCC site may have 50,000 URL or more. You can use directives in your robot.txt file to direct crawlers to the URls you want to be crawled. Setting up a robot.txt file for this purpose notifies Google of the pages that you do not want to be crawled on priority and tells crawlers the most important pages to be crawled. Doing this can get your attention from Google about pages that need to be crawled and have the highest site traffic, impressions and click data.

What should you do with discounted product pages

Discontinued pages should be given attention to if you wish for your site to rank on google. A discontinued page may be a product page that is now out of service. Customers landing on this page may increase the bounce rate once they see that this page is no longer in use.

What are the best options to deal with discontinued pages? 

404 response: some products have a quick life cycle and quickly go out of stock. In that case, a 404 response with a quirky message that the page no longer exists may help. You can also create a link that takes customers back to the product catalog page or provide a feed of similar products.


With the above steps, you can ensure that SFCC boosts the SEO of your website. if you are intrested to seo or Digital Marketing then you can join Digital Marketing Training in Pune.  We is a hub of multinational software companies, business enterprises and abundance of startups.

Follow these steps with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud SEO so that your website is noticed by crawlers and ranks on Google organically.

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